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    Zhao Lijun: We Should Play Our Roles as a Practitioner and Creator in Building a Beautiful China & Creating a Wonderful Life.


    Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), China has issued a series of policies to green its economy and outlined general frameworks for reform in major fields, leading to historical and transformational changes in awareness and measures for environmental protection. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out “Building an ecological civilization is vital to sustain the Chinese nation’s development." The new emphasis on environmental quality has elevated the issue of environmental protection to an unprecedented height and instill a greater sense of duties and responsibilities in people working in environmental protection industries.

    The ecological civilization initiative is not only a profound transformation of the growth model and people’s lifestyle, but also an expansive endeavor to improve people’s lives. It changes the role of environmental protection from a retardant to economic development to a driving force for economic development and calls for environmental protection industries to take on greater responsibilities. As aspiring green entrepreneurs, we should bravely promote industrial changes and play our part in building a beautiful China and creating a wonderful life.

    Speeding up the Building of a Beautiful China

    “The country should protect the environment like one protects his/her eyes and treat the environment like one treats his/her life.” General Secretary Xi Jinping has used such a vivid metaphor to emphasize the importance, urgency, and arduousness of innovating green development methods and lifestyles. What responsibility should the environmental industry take in this national endeavor?

    In recent years, the Chinese government has introduced tougher environmental protection regulations and declared war on pollution. Environmental regulations and enforcement in the country are becoming increasingly stringent. These efforts have led to significant improvement in environmental quality and accelerated the development of green industries. However, future environmental protection activities should not be confined to end-of-pipe control. The mission of environmental protection industries is not to expand the industries themselves, but to maintain and restore environment and drive green economic growth.

    Looking to the future, China is changing its attitude towards resources and energy fundamentally. The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC pointed out that the Chinese economy has been transitioning from a phase of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. The expansion of energy conservation and environmental protection, clean manufacturing, and clean energy industries have also become important driving forces for green economy. This means an expansive migration of polluting, energy-intensive industries. As a champaign for green economy, environmental protection companies should bravely embark on a fundamental transformation, accelerate the shift from end-of-pipe management to front-end prevention, and push more industries to complete the green transformation.

    The extension of environmental protection to the front end of production will not only redefine the value of environmental services and reduce the pressure of environmental governance but also help manufacturers reshape their core competencies to gain an edge in the new era. Green production can help producers increase the efficiency of resource use, reduce energy consumption and improve product quality. To contribute low-carbon green economic growth, environmental protection industries should push for more technological innovations in green raw materials, clean production processes and other fields, as well as innovations related to green growth models.

    In the new environmental projects represented by Wuyi Mountain’s “Beautiful-Water-City” project, the environment has begun to become the value point for revitalizing urban development resources. Based on this project, the environmental company have reached a good ecological environment for the local by professional solutions, as well built an environment-friendly art that integrates humanistic flavors to form a waterfront industry with a rich value extension. This new model has given more operation value for environmental projects, which not only reduces the pressure on government’s environmental protection payments, but also fully stimulates the development of the local natural and human resources, forming a new situation in which people and nature can live in harmony.

    Environmental protection industries must take on greater responsibilities to change the role of environmental protection from a retardant to economic development to a driving force for economic development and accelerate the push for environmental improvement.

    Create New Experiences for the Wonderful Life

    Compared with the previous high-speed growth phase, the current high-quality development stage attaches greater importance to bringing people a sense of accomplishment and people’s broad aspiration for a better life has become a new driving force for high-quality development. We believe that, in the high-quality development stage, we will definitely win the fight against pollution prevention and control through the environmentalists and the public people working together for three years, which will bring about an improvement in the ecological environment for the people.

    However, we should realize that people’s pursuit for a better life is multi-dimensional, including both physical comfort and spiritual satisfaction. What’s a better life? What kind of life experience can be described as really “beautiful”? To improve our citizens’ life quality, Chinese environmental entrepreneurs should provide better and innovative services, give appropriate consideration to every aspect of life, from work environment to living environment, from public space to private space, and bring about changes in lifestyles and concepts.

    In the process of creating a better life, the service of the environment will not only mean an eco-environment of building beautiful China. Environmental entrepreneurs should create quality space associated with health, safety, convenience, and comfort and provide whole-house solutions. Riding on the wave of consumption upgrading and industrial upgrading, the environmental services industry with more contents require that the traditional environmental industries should further integrate with health, sports, tourism, elderly care, culture and other industries to provide people with deeper and broader satisfied services.

    In this period of historical opportunities, the environmental industry needs to take the responsibility of creating a future, bravely shoulder the responsibility of linking multiple industries, taking the society with us as the practitioners and creators to build a beautiful China and wonderful life in the process of a prosperous and ecological civilization development, which will make the sky bluer, the mountain greener, water cleaner and life better on the land of China.

    Source: China Business Times


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